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April 23, 2014

ICE 2014 Review on

A magnificent 23,501 gaming industry professionals defied a 48- hour strike on the London Underground to set a new record attendance at ICE 2014. And indeed, it was the most dynamic celebration of international gaming imaginable, as everyone was struggling to fit the trends and choose the right… mobile technology.

The new battles to be fought in the gaming industry are definitely mobile. Further on, the obvious technology selections of the software vendors to create mobile games were as predicted, split between HTML5, Unity 3D and Adobe Air. However, none of the three technologies is “flawless”: while HTML5 is not really cross platform and proves as a labor-intensive technology if you’re fishing for impressive results, Adobe Air is struggling with an unclear future and Unity3D faces its own problems mainly because the longer load time due to large memory needs or too slow CPUs on mobile devices. So, is there a new breaking through technology heading our way, which could overcome the technical challenges of the above mentioned technologies?

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