This blog is all about my experiences and insights as an Offshore Software Development Entrepreneur. It describes the inherent challenges that come with offshore development as well as the solutions we use at Ignite to create a high-performance cost-effective onsite-offshore software development model.

September 26, 2010

Agile Tour 2010 (Haifa Israel)

This is the first year in which the international Agile Tour conference is held in Israel. Agile Tour is a FREE event (limited capacity though so hurry up and register) and is all about establishing a vibrant local Agile community, promoting Agile methodologies and sharing Agile knowledge between software development professionals and colleagues.

For more information and registration:
September 12, 2010

The Hidden Costs of a Software Product

The following presentation was presented as part of my latest lecture in the SD FOrum - the Israeli Software Development Management Forum that was gathred in June 2010 to discuss the non-functional requirements of a software product.

In this lecture I ellaborated some of my lessons on non-functional requirements that eventually become part of the hidden costs of a software product, such as:
Tracability - the ability to trace each action performed by the software
Auditability - the ability to perform audit operation
Trainability - the ability to learn how to use the software and its level of self learning curve
Supportability - the easiness in which the software can be supported by help deks and field engineers
and much more...I tried to steer away from the obvious non-functional requirements such as performance as this was covered in another lecture.

Hidden costs of software product
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April 25, 2010

Flex vs. Silverlight

We had a SD Forum gathering few days ago. The subject was UI and Usability. I compared Flex and Silverlight pros and cons:
Flex vs. silverlight
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